Summer Rainbow Trout Fishing

Of all of the seasons that a person can go fishing for rainbow trout the summer is probably the most challenging. Why is this the case? Well, rainbow trout are an interesting species of fish that enjoy cold water temperatures and in the heat of the summer cold water temperatures can be hard to come by and when these beautiful fish have to endure water temperatures that are above their “ideal range” they tend to become sluggish and much less apt to feed, which in turn tends to make them more difficult to catch. Add in the fact that when water temperatures are high, the stress that the trout experiences during a fight is much higher as well, which makes mortality rates on released rainbow trout much higher, and this is never a good thing. Raibow trout

But this doesn’t mean that summer rainbow trout fishing can’t be productive, it just means that the way you go about fishing for rainbow trout during the summer needs to be modified just a little bit. Below I will outline three points to remember when it comes fishing for summertime rainbow trout so that you can experience more success the next time that you head out on the water.


  1. Focus On Cooler Temperatures – During the summer months temperatures get downright hot in many areas so you want to focus your fishing efforts on the times of the day when the air temperatures are the coolest. This obviously means being on the water during the early morning or late evenings and also the times when a cold front passes through your fishing area. When any of these occurrences take place the air temperatures will be significantly cooler and thus the trout will tend to be more active.
  2. Focus On Deeper Water – This tip is especially true when you are fishing for trout in rivers or streams. While running water is cooler than standing water, during the summer months water temperatures in rivers and streams can become quite high as well. When this happens the trout that live in said rivers or streams will tend to head for deeper runs and pools with the body of water because the water temperatures in these deeper areas will be much cooler. An excellent technique to use while rainbow trout fishing during the summer months is to “drift fish” a live fishing worm through any deep run or pool within your favorite river or stream.
  3. Give Night Fishing A Shot – Although “night fishing” isn’t usually thought of as something that trout fishermen engage in, the truth is that night fishing for rainbow trout can actually be a very effective strategy, especially when there is a full moon and little or no cloud cover. Rainbows will feed heavily at night when the moon is full, and if there is little or no cloud cover being able to see well enough to fish isn’t a problem. Couple this with the fact that the temperatures are much cooler at night and you have a recipe for some great summer rainbow trout fishing, all while fishing at night.


The bottom line is that just because the summer months aren’t “the best” months of the year for fishing for rainbow trout, it doesn’t mean that these months can’t be productive. You just need to adjust your approach a little bit during the summer months as opposed to the other months of the year.