Cpap Masks And Other Equipment From Fisher And Paykel

Fisher and Paykel Healthcare manufacture high-quality CPAP equipment such as masks and machines that are used to treat sleep apnea. Continuous Positive Air Pressure or CPAP is used to treat apnea, an obstructive sleep disorder with the use of machines that generate the designated pressure which is then conveyed to the user through an arrangement of hose or pipe and mask. Because treatment differs from individual to individual, Fisher and Paykel have a range of CPAP equipment that is suitable to most users of the treatment and their different needs.

Needs of CPAP users is mostly determined by the healthcare professional or caregiver. The amount of pressure needed to sustain uninterrupted sleep, time, etc. are factors that need professional inputs. Users can then choose their equipment from the Fisher and Paykel CPAP range. Because CPAP equipment like masks sit snugly on the face, covering the nose and mouth, there are some essentials to be kept in mind before making the purchase. This includes factors like the bone structure of the face and features like moustache and beards, etc.

Appropriate equipment is needed to fit every individual; masks need special attention. Deviated Septum Self Test

Fisher and Paykel CPAP masks

Sleep apnea is characterized by obstructions in the nasal airways that eventually lead to disrupted sleep. The result is sleepiness in the daytime and a host of other health-related problems such as elevated blood pressure, anxiety, etc. Proper treatment ensures sound sleep. However, the mode of conveying CPAP means that it is a constant challenge to users. First, they need to get used to the idea of wearing a mask. This is followed by the challenge of continuing therapy till the user gets accustomed to it.

Ease of use

Fisher and Paykel CPAP masks come equipped with comfort liners and cushions to help users experience better comfort. This promotes maximum delivery of air, as decided, and also ensures better adherence to therapy.

This cushioning technology helps ensure better wearer comfort. Fisher and Paykel have further innovated upon their CPAP equipment range to include elements like lighter masks and frames that are suitable for different face types.

Ensuring a good fit is often synonymous with comfort. This is further enhanced by good sealing. A good mask may not work optimally if the sealing is not sound. Air pressure may be calibrated correctly but in conveying it to the user, air is lost due through poor sealing. The CPAP machine or its calibration is not to blame, in this case, but the sealing.

Fisher and Paykel CPAP masks are designed for a good fit through efficient sealing as well. This means that the sealing surfaces provide a good grip that is free of leakages. The seals in Fisher and Paykel CPAP masks are often softer, thus ensuring all-round grip that reduces leaks. This also helps maximizes adherence to therapy.