Top 10 Stop Smoking Blogs

Many of us have the habit of surfing the web each day just to read news, articles, and stories. Some are even subscribing to blog sites to receive daily updates and information. Because of its growing popularity, many health groups and associations are making use of blogs to disseminate information to the general public on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Quitting smoking is not easy but it’s not impossible. With the right information and motivation from others, every smoker can succeed to bust off this destructive habit. Read on to know the top 10 stop smoking blogs that you can get useful information from:

1.Quit Smoking Together (quitsmoking.blogspot.com)
This is a collection of blogs written by people who have successfully given up smoking or those who want to quit. You can also submit your own blogs to inspire many others who want to finally stop smoking but can’t. In Quit Smoking Together, you’ll find a number of stories from real people. cbd öl 50

2.Quit Smoking for Good (smokersblog.org)
We all know that smoking is bad for our health but despite the fact that it is, many of us can’t quit. This blog contains loads of articles about cigarette smoking and how it can be stopped. You’ll find informative posts and inspiring stories. If there are people who can give you the best advice on giving up smoking, they would be those who experienced the same.

3.Smoking Cessation (about.com)
About.com is a very popular website that presents reliable articles on different niches. The Smoking Cessation presents comprehensive information about smoking. Other than the personal stories, you will see blogs that are posted by general practitioners, counselors, and experts in the field. If you want to know the medical and alternative ways of quitting smoking, you may want to take a look at this blog site.

4.Ciggy Free (ciggyfree.com)
When you’re ready to stop, this blog is all about helping you quit the old bad habit. It’s like Daily Mail that focuses on current news about cigarette smoking. Here, you’ll find a collection of highly informative articles featuring new studies and research.

5.Quit Cigs 4 Free (quitcigs4free.com)
This blog gives you access to free and unlimited resources and tips on quitting smoking. Smokers have different ways on kicking the bad habit. Some are able to stop smoking by simply throwing their cigarettes while others would still need to undergo NRT and all other expensive treatments.

6.Quit Smoking Place (QuitSmokingPlace.com)
Another great place to go for quit smoking blogs is the Quit Smoking Place, where you can read news and information on the consequences of smoking and the benefits you can get from quitting smoking.

7.Stop Smoking Now for Life (stop-smoking-now-for-life.com)
When you stop smoking, you want it to be for good. This blog site provides regular posts to encourage smokers to quit and help people who wanted to give up smoking for life. Readers are free to submit their comments too.